These are the concepts from which our workshops have evolved:

Developing Disciples for Destiny

This workshop is designed to move spiritual leaders to the next level by empowering each individual participant through self-awareness. The self-actualization of the participant results in a win/win benefit for the participant and the church. Developing Disciples for Destiny weaves together psychological and spiritual principles to integrate mind, body and soul. You will begin the process of identifying your life's mission so that you may carry out your divine purpose with clarity and spiritual guidance in your ministry. This workshop will teach ways to promote harmonious productive relationships with self, others and God.

Developing Disciples for Destiny will release you to your destiny and maximize the creative powers within you. This step-by-step process is designed to foster exceptional ministerial service and build effective ministerial support as you experience:
· Being the soul while fully trusting in God.
· Receiving assistance from the Holy Spirit
· Communicating heart to heart.
· Spiritually connecting with others in service to the highest good.
· Recognizing and accepting opportunities to serve.
· Maintaining spiritual protection while performing your service.

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Creating Loving Relationships

This inspirational workshop offers a step-by-step process for healing psychological wounds to facilitate spiritual renewal and awakening. This process gives a new understanding of your most important relationships with self, others, and God. By integrating body, mind, emotions and spirit, you experience wholeness, well-being and joy. Conducted in an open, safe, and supportive environment, this workshop will ignite the process of self-discovery, while empowering you to find your own answers from within and clarify your life's purpose.

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