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Legal Service

Organizations are now faced with a large number of lawsuits and legal claims filed by employees who feel they have not been treated fairly. Managers and Human Resource Personnel require training in discrimination, harassment, and employment law to keep their organizations out of court and avoid costly legal fees.

Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates can provide legal support to assist you in resolving your organization’s legal challenges by keeping you abreast of recent court decisions that may affect your rights and obligations.

Our legal team can develop strategies on how to apply the law in your workplace. Your managers will benefit from our training on how to implement personnel procedures that are in compliance with the law to include EEO/affirmative action plans and workforce diversity programs.


Labor & Employment Support:
Our firm has over 28 years of civil litigation experience and expertise in the areas of employee discharge; labor/management relations; anti-discrimination laws; employee benefits; alternative dispute resolution (ADR); worker's compensation; diversity awareness; and workplace training.

Legal and Government Relations Support Services:
Our working knowledge of community dynamics, federal and local legislative and regulatory processes, and our ability to advise on federal land acquisition related matters, stems from years of working with various agencies and organizations, including the Redevelopment Land Agency, the National Capital Revitalization Corporation, the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation, the National Capital Planning Commission, and the Department of Housing and Community Development. We have cultivated excellent relationships with Community Development Corporations throughout the District, as well as with other stakeholder communities.

Procurement Support Services:
Our firm possesses skills and expertise in government procurement, laws, regulations, policies and procedures, and with related workforce development and LSDBE requirements.

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District of Columbia Government Services

Legal and Government Relations Support Services:
Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates is pre-qualified under a contract ( IDIQC) with the District of Columbia to provide legal and government relations support services.

Labor & Employment Support:
Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates is certified by the Department of Small and Local Business Development for the District of Columbia to advise and train management/staff on employment and labor law matters.

National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) 14TH Edition Commodity/Service Codes:
Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates are certified to provide the following Commodity/Services Codes pursuant to the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) 14th Edition for the District of Columbia

NIGP Code 961-49-00

  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Employer Advocacy Contracts
  • Judgments
  • Claimant Advocacy Program

NIGP Code 961-50-00

  • Expert Witness

NIGP Code 961-50-40

  • Computerized Legal Research for Lexis Nexis & West Law

Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates specializes in Small Business Development and Training to include:

NIGP Code 918-79-00
  • Business Formation
  • Business Expansion
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Federal and Local Government Contract Certification
NIGP Code 918-74-00
  • Real Estate Acquisitions to revitalize low-income communities.

Additionally, we also offer:

NGIP Codes 952-90-00 & 952-21-00

  • Family Services
NGIP Code 924-35-00
  • Leadership Training for Supervisors
  • Employee Training, Life Skills and Career Development
NGIP Code 924-00-00 & 924-60-31
  • Conferences and Seminars


Maryland Government Services

Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates are registered with the Maryland government to provide legal and professional training services in the following Commodity Codes:

91838 Education and Training Consulting
92416 Course Development Services, Instructional/Training
92435 In-Service Training (For Employees) 95290 Training and Instruction (For Clients, Not Staff)
96149 Legal Services, Attorneys
96150 Legal Services Including Depositions and Expert Witness Test
96151 Lobby Services

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Federal Government Services

Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates are registered with the federal government to provide legal and professional training in the following NAICS Codes:

541110 Offices of Lawyers
611430 Professional and Management Development Training
611710 Educational Support Services .
624310 Job Counseling & Training
624190 Individual & Family Services
923130 Equal Employment Opportunity
926110 Small Business Development


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