There are three relationships: one with God, one with self, and one with others. As human beings, we operate at two levels self and spirit. We must first work on our relationship with self which is the personality, so that spirit may evolve upward. The personality has three layers: the reasoning mind, the emotions, and the physical body. When we operate from the personality level, we think rather than know; we react to self-created illusions rather than truth. Our desires are emotionally based rather than spiritually based.

Our divine purpose in this life is to return to love. Returning to love is returning to God -- God is love. The only way that we can return to a loving state is to master the personality under the rein of the spirit. This is called integration. When integration takes place, a transformation occurs. We are then operating from the spirit level rather than the personality level. Consequently, we live our lives at a higher level of consciousness, which aligns us with spirit. When we are aligned with spirit, doors to the heavens open up to assist us in all of our endeavors. We are guided, directed, and protected.

Our spirit brings to us circumstances that reveal our strengths and weaknesses. God has given us free will to choose whether to master these weaknesses. These circumstances are manifested in a variety of ways in our lives. For example, you may have parents who abused you. Consequently, you choose an abusive spouse which affects your self-esteem and your ability to love. You may have been raped or sexually molested which affects your ability to trust and feel secure.

The supreme purpose of suffering is to purify. Purification provides the cleansing needed to heal us from our wounds. This is the crucifixion of all that is meaningless and impure within us. No matter how much we rebel against the affect of these outer circumstances, our lives will not change until we go within to find the cause and remedy it.

We must open ourselves to self-reflection and go within to connect with our spirit. This will enable us to develop love for ourselves and for others, resulting in spiritual alignment with God. As we learn our spiritual lessons, obstacles are removed from our lives and spiritual growth takes place. We are no longer operating from unconscious expression, bucking the tides of growth while choosing not to learn our lessons. Rather, we have now chosen conscious expression where we listen to our inner voice and function in a way that serves our highest good. We have now been resurrected to a truly spiritual existence.


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